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The IFCC annual report is now published on the website. This report gives some idea of the vast range and scope of activities undertaken by IFCC and implemented by its Scientific Division, Education and Management Division, Communication and Publications Division together with their Committees and Working Groups. The report also contains details of the activities of five IFCC Regional Organisations and of a majority of its Full Members. Highlights from the IFCC annual report include:
  • Launch of the African Federation of Clinical Chemistry
  • Regional congresses in Europe (Innsbruck) and the Arab Federation (Beirut)
  • Evidence-based medicine course in Croatia
  • Molecular biology course in Syria
  • Quality and interpretation workshop in Sri Lanka
  • Release of the 5th WHO International Standard for hCG
  • Release by IRMM of a standard certified for 12 plasma proteins
  • Reference materials from IRMM for AST and C-reactive protein
  • IFCC Visiting Lecturer Program (sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics)
  • IFCC Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Distance Learning Project
IFCC publishes an electronic newsletter, which is available from the website. IFCC is always pleased to receive newsworthy items from Full and Affiliate Members and is especially keen to promote scientific developments, best practice and useful information. Contact the Editor if you wish to publish something from your society.
Visit the IFCC website at A series of information leaflets about IFCC are also available in several different languages.

If you have a question or a comment about any aspect of IFCC please contact
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